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Welcome to Rebalance with Mary. This group is a space to explore rebalancing our lives.


I am passionate about knowing whats in my food and what I put on my body, I am a Thermomix Team Leader and love experimenting with new recipes that will nourish my family.


My life hasn’t always looked like this and I love that it does now. Rebalancing myself and my family had me following what felt right for me which started from feeling post natally depleted, sleep deprived, stressed and myself and my family experiencing ailments to us now thriving. 


Purchasing my doTERRA Home Essentials Kit was the beginning for me, followed by owning a Thermomix and now being a Team Leader of an incredible team. 


Learning about Soul Modes and that I am in fact 4 Magnificent women with 4 Super Powers has given me so much self compassion and freed up mental space as I have been able to fully feel, how I am feeling.


This is the space where we can explore all of the above and so much more as we cycles through our modes and nourish our families and know ourselves on a deeper level.

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