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Soul Modes Mentoring

Would you like me to guide you for a month as you get to know what the Modes look like for you?

Join me for a month of support as we unpack your transition through each of the modes and how they look in your daily life.

We will connect in Voxer (Its a fun walkie talkie app) where we can unpack in real time what is happening for you, so you can harness the energy to get the most out of each mode.

You will receive a weekly workbook with information about the modes and journal prompts as well as prompts in Voxer.

For the first 4 women I am offering an introductory price of $99 for the 4 weeks if you already have the book or $111 and I will send the book to you.

Please note whilst I will endeavour to be there for you to unpack in real time as I minimum I check my Voxer on Monday's Wednesday's and Friday's.

If this calls to you and you're ready to dive in to uncovering some truths about yourself and your motivational intelligence with me click the paypal link below the option you'd like to join me!

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