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When my son was born I used to follow the health star ratings and I cooked a lot from jars and packets of pre made bases. When I joined the doTERRA Community I started having different conversations about food, toxins and all sorts of things I didn't know were an issue for our bodies. I started seeing a Naturopath because of my son's silent reflux where I learnt a lot about what is in the jars and packets and discovered my son was intolerant to most of the common foods I was feeding him - cue Mum guilt and overwhelm.

My naturopath suggested a Thermomix might make my life a lot easier and I had already heard a few people mention them previously but hadn't really seen the value for us. Since investing in my first Thermomix in 2018 I have come to see just how much it has transformed my experience in the kitchen and our health journey.


A couple of years after owning my TM5 I decided to upgrade to the TM6 by earning it as a consultant.

To my surprise I was able to earn it in just over a month! In that time I found I really loved sharing it with others. One year later and I am now a Team Leader who is passionate about sharing just how easy the Thermomix has made our lives.


Since becoming a consultant I have really learned how to substitute ingredients and adapt most recipes to gluten or dairy free alternatives.

You can buy your TM6 and be supported by me by using the button below - I'm ready to get extra help in the kitchen! or if you would like to organise a 1:1 with me click learn more

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